Web3.0's next new outlet "SocialFi" shocks

SocialFi refers to social finance. From a literal analysis of the definition, it can be considered as a combination of Social+Fiance, or even Social+DeFi, which essentially refers to the organic combination of social and finance on the blockchain.

The concept of SocialFi

SocialFi refers to social finance. From a literal analysis of the definition, it can be considered as a combination of Social+Fiance, or even Social+DeFi, which essentially refers to the organic combination of social and finance on the blockchain. SocialFi has the characteristics of decentralization, openness and user control.

What problem does SocialFi solve?

In the era of Web 2.0, the data of social users is controlled by major social operators, such as Meta (formerly Facebook), WeChat and Twitter. And operators continue to make profits by utilizing these underlying social data, while users earn little. SocialFi specifically solves some disadvantages of traditional social networking.

Sequoia and other top encryption capitals are also fancy. The betting of top capital has always been very forward-looking, which indicates that SocialFi will become the next outlet industry of Web 3.0.

"Born from this

Introduction to Pallet

The grand vision of a new form of decentralized social networking has become the world's top decentralized open social platform.

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private, secure communication tool for maintaining data ownership and empowering sovereign communities.

Breaking the standard client-server model, creating a new era of mobile information, transactions and browsing.

Pallet Product Planning

Mainstream public chain.

· End-to-end encrypted IM two-way deletion, voice and video calls, burn after reading.

· Discover integrates community applications/projects and external DAPPs.

· The sandbox group completes the privacy protection of all group data (chat records/files) based on HUB's TEE technology. It has functions such as group meetings, group treasury, group governance, and group applets.

· Information Flow Plaza achieves high-quality content flow through the aggregation of native data and Farcaster, Lens Protocol.

Pallet Technology Product Features

Encrypted data forwarding between clients through the Hub

DAO Governance module integration directly in the group

Data privacy protection for private domain communities based on TEE technology

Build a community economic system through Nouns auction, Bonding Curve, LBP and other models, and seamlessly connect with third-party tools

Customized community function components

Integrate Nostr, Lens Protocol, Farcaster and other native WEB3 protocols

Pallet 3.0 Technology Product Upgrade

Virtual reality holographic image technology

· Holographic image technology (front-projected holographic display) is a kind of 3D technology. It originally refers to the technology of using the interference principle to record and reproduce the real three-dimensional image of the object. Then, with the guidance of science fiction movies and commercial propaganda, the concept of holographic image gradually It extends to commercial activities such as stage performances and exhibitions. However, the hologram we usually know is not a hologram in the strict sense, but a kind of hologram that uses methods such as Pepper's ghost and edge blanking to achieve 3D effects technology.

· Holographic technology can be subdivided into optical holographic technology, digital holographic technology, computational holographic technology, microwave holographic technology, reflection holographic technology, acoustic holographic technology, etc. It is used in various fields such as display, measurement, encryption, identification, etc. Our common traditional holographic The technology is optical holography.

The 3.0 ecological planning combines holographic 3D imaging technology, AI artificial intelligence bottom layer, big data, cloud computing, Metaverse human-computer interaction technology, etc., to realize social AI attributes and break the limitations of social interaction. Users can use their own 3D height here at any time. Accurate virtual avatars and friends enter the same Metaverse real scene restoration space, go shopping, watch movies, chat, study, etc. together.

Pallet Partnership Capital

The platform maximizes the application and gives full play to the advantages of SocialFi itself, creating market-leading SocialFi track products for users, and helping users realize the income form of Social-to-earn. At the same time, it also has the creation of new social forms such as holographic image social networking, realizing the combination of social networking and Metaverse development. It has not only the thinking of product landing at the current stage, but also an innovative social scene for long-term development.

In the near future, it will definitely become the leader of the world's most valuable decentralized social platform in the field of SocialFi.


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